Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Acupuncture Relieves Cerebral Palsy Complications

Acupuncture alleviates cerebral palsy related hearing disorders and excess drooling.

Hospital researchers find acupuncture effective for relieving excessive drooling and for improving hearing in cerebral palsy patients. In a surprise finding, the optimal acupuncture needle retention time for benefitting hearing was not the longest retention time. A shorter duration produced superior patient outcomes. Take a look at the findings and protocols to learn what the researchers discovered.

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for cerebral palsy related complications, including drooling and hearing disorders. In a clinical study conducted at Neijiang Second People’s Hospital, researchers Xie and Lu determined that acupuncture and massotherapy significantly alleviate drooling and improve quality of life scores for cerebral palsy patients. Evidence suggests that cerebral palsy (CP) related drooling is correlated with motor impairments affecting swallowing (Senner et al.). This condition affects the overall quality of life and may impede speech and increase risk of infectious diseases.

Xie and Lu conclude that cerebral palsy patients treated with acupuncture and massotherapy had significantly greater positive patient outcomes than patients in the control group that did not receive either acupuncture or massotherapy. Patients receiving acupuncture with massotherapy demonstrated less drooling and significant improvements in fine motor movements, adaptive behavior, and social behavior over the control group. Acupuncture plus massotherapy patients also demonstrated the ability to take meals independently more significantly than the control group.


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